Rudi Friedrich (Connection, Germany)

After graduating from high school, Rudi Friedrich did an apprenticeship as a bricklayer, then studied sociology. He joined the German Peace Society – United War Resisters (DFG-VK) through his civilian service.

When tens of thousands fled to Germany at the beginning of the 1990s from the wars in the Balkans or Iraq, Friedrich founded Connection with others to advocate for international conscientious objectors (COs). He is internationally respected for his knowledge and experience. He works with COs from Latin America, East Europe, Africa and Asia. Actually he organized a hotline for COs from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

Time and again, he has also introduced the topic with readings and other artistic forms.

“Run Soldier Run” – Scenic Reading with Music
Together with Talib Richard Vogl, he has been developing scenic readings on the topic of international conscientious objection for several years now. [Photos: Connection e.V.]

At the ‘Not Our War’ event Rudi will talk about the situation of CO, deserters in Russia and will do also a workshop where he will give information on how to support these War Resisters from Russia as well as from Ukraine and Belarus.


Press Release on the Ukrainian CO, Ruslan Kotsaba from July 2022 and an article by the German press service epd