Olga Karatch (Nash Dom – Our House)

portrait of Olga Karatch of the organisation NashDom in Belarus, showing a middle-aged woman with short blonde hair and red lipstick.

Olga Karatch, born 1979 in Vitebsk, Belarus. She is a Belarusian journalist, public figure and politician. Currently she lives in Vilnius, Lithuania.


2012: Master of Political Science, European Humanities University, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2002: Higher education, teacher of Russian language and literature, Belarusian language and literature, Vitebsk State University named by P.Masherov, with a honours degree (everything is A+ for whole 5 years, no one is “just A”).

1996: Secondary education, secondary school No. 6, Vitebsk, graduated with a gold medal.

Professional Activities

2002-2004: Teacher of English in secondary school No. 27 in Vitebsk, dismissed due to political activity (participation in the 2004 parliamentary elections)

2001: Teacher of Russian language and literature in the Gymnasium No. 1 of the city of Vitebsk (in parallel with receiving education at the university). Dismissed due to political activism (presidential election, 2001)

2005-nowadays: Director of the International Center for Civil Initiatives “Our House”

Social Activities

August 2012 – nowadays: member of “Polish Press Club” in Warsaw, Poland.

2005-nowadays: Civil campaign “Our House”, founder and leader.

2004-nowadays: “International Center for Gender Initiatives“ Adliga: Women for Equal Civil Rights”, co-chair.

1996-2003: The “Seventh Side” youth organization, founder and leader.

1999-nowadays: member of Belarusian Association of Journalists.

Recent Articles

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Olga Karatch’s presentation at the event