Mark Akkerman (Stop Wapenhandel)

Mark Akkerman (*1979, they/them) is a researcher at Stop Wapenhandel (Dutch campaign against arms trade) and for the Transnational Institute (TNI).

They hold a MSc in Public Administration and have long been involved in the peace, no border and anarchist movements, including the Abolish Frontex network. Their research focuses on the militarisation of borders and the role of the arms industry, European and Dutch arms export policies, EU (financial) support to the military and security industry and the influence of this industry on policy-making.

At the ‘Not Our War’ event Mark will present the findings on an upcoming report by Stop Wapenhandel and TNI on how the (European) arms industry is profiting from the Ukraine War, including from the huge increases in military spending many states in the Global North have announced.

Mark Akkerman’s speech at the event

Recent Publications

(2022) Fanning the Flames: How the European Union is fuelling a new arms race (March 2022) – with TNI and ENAAT

2021) Frontex and the military and security industry (November 2021) – factsheet for the Abolish Frontex Research Group

(2021) Global Climate Wall: How the world’s wealthiest nations prioritise borders over climate action (October 2021) – with TNI [ 10/global-climate-wall-report-tni-web-resolution.pdf]

(2021) A Union of Arms Exports: Why European arms keep fuelling war and repression around the world (October 2021) –

(2021) Financing Border Wars: The border industry, its financiers and human rights (April 2021) – with TNI