Frank van Schaik (facilitator of the first program part)

Frank van Shaik (*1970) has been involved in: presenting, interviewing, moderating, thinking, writing – and all that in Dutch, English, Swedish, German, Spanish, French or fake Russian (in decreasing degrees of correctness).

n doing so, he is especially very familiar with the fields of environment and development, but does not shy away from any other subject, except perhaps “Public Art Property in Uruguay” (but that is open to discussion). His style is open yet conclusive, sharp yet not too blunt, warm yet cool.

He also sings and rewrites existing songs for specific occasions, spins very invigorating music as a Hola DJ (an irresistible mix of familiar disco, soul classics, golden oldies, salsa, klezmer, reggae, ‘smartlappen’ and other tipsy folk music), invents titles and lyrics, and sometimes performs hard and skillfully as a Stand-up Comedian.

Besides he is an ordinary school teacher – what not so ever conflicts with the other …

With all his entertaining skills he will lead us through the first session of the “Not Our War” program with serious political inputs of War Resisters, with singing rebels and a member of the organizing team who is also poet sometimes.