Manifestation Future Without War!

The manifestation Future Without War will take place 9-11 September 2022 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This event is open to all activists seeking to learn from one another and to join forces to make the world a little better in a non-violent way.

The draft program will serve as a basis for refining and completing the program. Please let us know whether you are interested in a regular update by mail.

Take a look at this pdf to get an impression of the manifestation:

On behalf of the Organising Committee:
Stephan Brües
Reinoud Doeschot
Frank Feiner
Ben Lindeman
Carla Schoenmakers

WRI History:

Building upon 100 years of non-violent action:
In 1921 War Resisters’ International was founded in the Netherlands. It is now a global network of grassroots anti-militarist and pacifist groups, working together for a world without war.

Photo from wikipedia. Creative Commons

If there is one thing the last year has taught us, it is that we must change the ways we are dealing with each other and with the world. We now may have the best opportunity to do better. To prevent a climate disaster, to put an end to the ‘refugee crisis’, to stop the destruction of nature and to end wars. That is why we call on everyone to join in a manifestation to inspire one another, learn from one another and join forces to make the world a little better in a non-violent way.

This manifestation will take place at Utrecht, September 9 – 11, 2022. In it the notorious date 9/11, twenty-one years after the attacks on the WTC in New York. The momentous aftermath of these events, the war on terror, is the utmost example of war and violence only breeding more violence. There will of course be the necessary attention for these events.

On several locations in Utrecht workshops will be organised and musical performances will be held both indoors and in the open air. Demo’s and flash mobs will be part of the event. The number of participants in each workshop or activity will be dependent on the then valid COVID requirements. Each workshop is of an interactive nature: no long speeches but new ways of communication, for instance by art. Live streaming will be available. The main program indoors brings four central themes (Pacifist Perspectives, Resistance and Liberation, Education & Peace Building, We are the Future!).

Graphic: World Beyond

The need for non-violent ways to solve conflicts today is as relevant as it was one hundred years ago, when in Bilthoven, a village near Utrecht, a group of pacifists established War Resisters’ International. WRI is a network of groups and individuals active in 40 countries on all continents striving to prevent war and take away the causes of war.

The event is a unique opportunity for a new generation of non-violent activists to meet and exchange experiences, and to learn from experienced activists. Working language will be English. Participation fee will be according to capacity.

Together we will be working for a sustainable world without war!

Photo by Stephan Brües, London, Sept. 2017